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Beginning to Behm It On The Brain

Hi all and welcome to my blog! My name is Gina Behm (rhymes with "name"!) , and I am a professional mental health counselor located in Kansas City. I have been in the counseling field for two years now working with women, men and adolescents of various ethnicities, sexualities, spiritualties, socioeconomic & education backgrounds etc. I work mainly in women’s issues, anxiety, trauma and eating disorder recovery amongst other disorders.

Throughout my time working with this variety of unique clients, I often find one thing that, despite their differences, many of my clients have in common: BLAME. Whether it’s themselves, others, God, the universe… blame pops up more often than not. Welp, I’m here to say that if it is blame you need in order to begin identifying the problems in your life, THATS FINE - but we’re going to work on that :)

Our brains are powerful things; they think for us, identify emotions for us, detect danger for us, observe details for us, learn facts for us and communicate to the rest of our body in order to KEEP US ALIVE. While the brain does all of these amazingly helpful things, if we aren’t in a positive, healthy, confident headspace, our brain sure can be painstakingly harmful too. Negative thoughts, correlations, connections, decisions… man that brain sure can be downright nasty.

All this to say, the amazing part is that we can retrain our brains to work the way WE want them to; after all, they are OURS. We are ultimately in control of our minds, and in order to obtain this control, we have to put in the work and effort to learn how to do so. All in all, if its blame you need to start with, lets try and avoid blaming yourself, your parents, friends, partners, teachers, strangers etc. If we have to start with blame, lets Behm it on the Brain, because at least then we can move towards change!

It is my hope that you find yourself revisiting this blog often to help find topics, tools and connections you find useful. I want you to know you are not alone in your struggles and that there IS a solution. Subscribe if you’d like alerts on new posts to be up to date on the newest topics, tools, and stories I will be sharing that I have found helpful in my own life, as well as seen to be effective for my clients over the years. See you around!


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