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Gina Behm, LCPC

After receiving my undergraduate degree in Psychology & Communication from Rockhurst University, I went on to complete my Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling at the University of Missouri - Kansas City. During my graduate program, I worked in community, facility and private practice settings with a multitude of diverse clientele. I mastered multiple modes of therapy, working with both individuals and leading groups. Upon graduating, I spent two years working at a higher level of care facility for women recovering from Eating Disorders; here I ran the Intensive Outpatient Program, providing day to day care for clients and interacting with each clients' individualized multidisciplinary team to aid in movement towards full, lasting recovery. I have also been providing individualized outpatient treatment in my private practice since 2018. I became fully clinically licensed in the state of Kansas in 2021, right before the birth of my son - what a year! My office is located in Overland Park, where I work with adult individuals in overcoming a variety of life issues such as anxiety, stress, grief, life transitions and much more.

Throughout my years providing therapy, I have found great value in learning a clients story through their own words. In working with me, you will learn to own your story, find your inner strength, and identify practical tools to create effective solutions to the problems you face in life. My ultimate goal is to normalize proactive coping for all in the hopes of reducing our society's overall experience of stress, trauma and negative life impacts. However, first we've got to do some damage control; everyone has established patterns and habits that have gotten them this far in life, serving a needed purpose along the way. Now it's time to face your reality that those behaviors are no longer serving you in a positive way. I want to support you in dropping these habits and solidifying new, creative ways to fill the gap those habits once served, sending you back into your life feeling fully confident to healthily tackle any decision or challenge that comes your way.

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My Space

My office is located in Overland Park, KS at the intersection of College & Antioch. Easily accessible from highways 435 & 69, and a short drive from both Corporate Woods & Johnson County Community College. The suite is handicap accessible and includes a private waiting area equipped with coffee, water & other amenities. While working on your goals in my office, you are able to relax in a cozy, modern decor office space designed to generate safety & creativity.

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