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Questions about therapy? Want to know if what you are struggling with is in my wheelhouse? Curious what my therapy approach is like or just want to put a voice to the face and name? I understand that therapy is an investment, and you might want to do some research before committing to a therapist. I am happy to provide a free, initial 10-15 minute phone consultation for you prior to scheduling a session, no strings attached! Contact me directly via email in order to set up a time for your FREE consultation.

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One-on-one therapy sessions allow for a private, safe environment for you spend the time working on your self. Here we will work together to identify, focus on and create solutions to your troubles. We will process through your stressors and practice a variety of skills to find what works best for you.

Psychology Patient

Often times we find ourselves in states of discord with those closest to us. While we care for these people deeply, sometimes they are the most difficult to interact with due to negative patterns we have created throughout our lives. During our work together, we may find it necessary to pull these loved ones into our sessions for mediation or supported communication. 


Sometimes what we need during our journey to wellness is a supportive community. It can be comforting to know we are not alone in our troubles. Through the group process, clients learn to openly discuss their issues, help one another find practical solutions, and create connection along the way. 

Any active groups I am leading can be found through direct inquiries to me via phone or email. If I am not running a current group during the time of your inquiry, I would be happy to help gather other potential resources for you.

Group Discussion

Concerned about if you or a loved one is struggling with an Eating Disorder? Eating Disorders can be tricky to spot and even trickier to accept. Together, we can identify problem behaviors, their severity and an appropriate treatment plan for your needs.

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