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GIRL CRUSH. Playlist

Hey y’all! 100% of you said you wanted me to publish the girl crush. playlist, so here goes. To start off, I do apologize for the delay on getting the playlist out. I had full intentions of pulling this post together for y’all, and if any of you watch my insta stories, you know my dog laid directly on top of me right when I pulled out my laptop,  so there was my first delay. If I’m grateful for anything in this life, it is my sweet baby pup snuggles!!

My second delay came a few days later when I was rearranging my playlist by artist and I was just like… ok… there are DEFINITELY some songs missing here. And that is when my playlist went from 30 songs, to 75…literally. So, thanks to my extreme love for female artists, their abilities to create songs that influence a plethora of different emotions, and my inability to make cuts… instead of posting a list of songs, I am going to instead post a list of the artists and WHY they made it on the list. Some of these women are well loved, some are controversial, some may be unknown to you. Buckle in for this one folks, we’re about to take a roller coaster ride of emotions - from love, heartbreak, anger, empowerment and back.

Before we begin, the format you are going to see throughout this post is as follows:

Artist Name (# of songs on the playlist) : My top pick from the playlist

                  Why they / their song made it on the list.

So here we go!

1. Maren Morris (4) : The Bones

Do I even have to explain this one? Maren is a boss. She just up and joined the country community just to turn around and branch out … She SPEAKS to my soul y’all. The Bones?? Is it about my marriage? Is it about my relationship with myself? My health? Creativity? ALL OF IT!?

2. Kelsea Ballerini (7) : Miss Me More

Okay you guys, female country artists get a bad rap. Let me be the first to tell you, THEY’RE UNDERRATED. You’re about to see a handful of female country artists on this list, and I don’t feel one bit bad about it. Now, speaking particularly about Kelsea Ballerini, she just amazes me. The woman can put out song after song and I don’t get tired of her or think they sound the same. 

3. Maddie & Tae (3) : Die From A Broken Heart

These two make me so happy!!! I love a good girl gang, but something about a duo just gets me. The way they play off of one another oh so perfectly is amazing – they are a match made in heaven. I was torn UP picking which song was my fav… so I also just … have to say… Girl In A Country Song : )

4. Kacey Musgraves (2) : Follow Your Arrow

TALK ABOUT ACCEPTANCE!!! Society lives life in these little boxes – you are this or that, and neither option is good enough. DO YOUR OWN THING Y’ALL – Thank you Kacey for saying it out loud. NOBODY puts Baby in a corner :)

5. Ariana Grande (7) : Breathin

What to say about Ari – she has to continually show up over and over again facing accusations of her looking “too young”. This woman has embraced her sexuality in a way I think makes people uncomfortable because she “looks like a child”. Well, maybe we all shouldn’t have such rigid expectations of what women “should” look like… anybody agree?

6. Lizzo (1) : Good as Hell

Only one thing to say here. BOSS UP & CHANGE YOUR LIFE. That. Speaks. To. Me. Clearly Lizzo is an amazing role model for self love, hard work and success. She has plenty of other songs that could be added to this list, but this was just the obvious clear winner. So boss up y’all. 

7. Lady Gaga (5) : The Cure

You guys, Lady Gaga is a MONSTER (get it, lil monsters?? Where u guys at). Gaga is such an inspiration for authenticity and individuality. I mean, how else can you pull off a literal outfit of actual meat? Also, my husband dubbed Lady Gaga the #2 top female artist of all time, and my husband only listens to Eric Church so… AND ALSO… she’s Italian… I’m Italian… clearly we are best friends.

8. Alessia Cara (1) : Scars To Your Beautiful

This song rips me open – for myself, my friends and my clients. This song is so relatable for so many people in my life, and the fact that Alessia Cara was able to put words to these feelings is beyond amazing. This is one of those songs where I wouldn’t hear the sirens behind me cause I’m blasting and belting it. 

9. Tove Lo (1) : Talking Body

Look y’all. I’m not censoring this playlist. We are all humans, we are carnal, we have bodies and we have desires. I 100% appreciate the open honesty in this song, and … TBQF, it’s a great hype song (meaning it’s on my workout playlist…)

10. Hailee Steinfeld (3) : Most Girls

Y’all, I’m a pitch perfect fan. We were BLESSED with Ms. Hailee Steinfeld in Pitch Perfect 2, and things only got better from there. Hailee is a bad ass who pushes out messages about self love, individuality and also that sometimes, the woman is the one less interested in the relationship (thank uuuu for this clarification Hailee, we are not all star-crossed romantics…)

11. Alicia Keys (2) : Girl On Fire

Does anyone else just melt into serenity when Alicia Keys sings? On top of that, she has been a vocal philanthropist for YEARS before it was cool for celebrities to do so. Alicia you are truly an inspiration to us all. We need you in our lives, so thank you for sharing yourself with us all. 

12. P!nk (4) : Whatever You Want 

I mean. I don’t even know where to start. P!nk’s album M!zundastood was one of my first CD’s as a kiddo and I knew the words to every single song. P!nk was the definition of BIG ATTITUDE before big attitude was a thing. As the years have passed, she has become a mother and influencer for body acceptance, strength and more. Her songs have softened, but even without the screaming and anger, her power is so clearly evident still, and that’s what I say real influence is.

13. Christina Aguilera (2) : Fighter

You know who else gets a bad rap in addition to female country singers? Child stars. I love to see a child star success story, and IMO, Christina is one of those. Can we talk about the PIPES on this lady?? Has anybody seen Burlesque? She can match up to Cher and that is all I gotta say about that. This is my empowerment song, hands down. Let’s go. Kinda wanna fight somebody after this… I’ll go to the gym instead :)

14. Cassadee Pope (1) : Wasting All These Tears

I definitely one-offed Ms. Pope on this playlist, but I just HAD to drop this in here. The RAW emotion in this song cuts me to the core. Sadness, anger, avoidance, acceptance – how does she do it!? I have officially gone through every stage of grief in 3:36… 

15. Carly Pearce (3) : Closer To You

Hi sis! Carly is my top Pandora station – yes… I still listen to Pandora. Sometimes having the power to choose is just too much for me in the moment. I don’t have anything super special to say about Carly as I didn’t grow up on her so I don’t have quite the emotional connection… but I’m getting there cause like, she’s awesome

16. Selena Gomez (1) : Kill Em With Kindness

Selena, Selena, Selena – Right up there with our girl Ari having to combat complaints of her young looks. SORRY NOT SORRY Y’ALL – I chose this song to feature Selena because sometimes we do need the good reminder to keep our emotions in check – Killing them literally is not always the best option…

17. Demi Lovato (1) : Confident

Y’alllll Demi is a pro at having to overcome some shit. If you don’t know, educate yourself. I LOVE that she has a song called confident that is literally calling out people who think confident girls are doing something wrong (I mean, who are these people?!). The End. She’s the bomb.

18. Fifth Harmony (2) : That’s My Girl

Despite the breakup, you cannot deny the raw POWER of a girl gang, and Fifth Harmony is up there with the best of them. That’s my girl! And That’s my girl! And she’s my girl! And her over there… she’s my girl too! We’re all girls, let’s just support each other, k???

19. Natasha Bedingfield (1) : Unwritten

This one throws me back y’all. This was a top 5 played on iTunes back in the day when burning CDs was cool – I’m positive my mom hates this song now thanks to my daily after school singing (more like screaming) seshes. 

20. Mariah Carey (2) : Always Be My Baby

Mariah is a literal legend. No joke. The amount of firsts and tops this woman has is insane. SHE’S ON FIRE (thanks Alicia). She has hit some bumps in the road… quite publicly I might add. And all I gotta say about that is, who hasn’t? Relationships are hard, pressure to succeed (and not age?) is hard, vices are harder. I am in full support of you sis, you are still killing it, and I will never ever not love your Christmas Album (obvi had to mention that at some point…)

21. Fergie (1) : Big Girls Don’t Cry (Personal)

Only female in the the group goes solo? Yes she does. I admire the Black Eyed Peas for knowing where their best talent was - no Fergie was not in the back playing the tambourine. I had many a screen name based off of Fergie songs and I wouldn’t change that for the world (maybe…)

22. Destiny’s Child (1) : Survivor

I’m guessing y’all will notice this is my only mention of Queen B on this list. I am not anti Bey, I am simply (as previously stated), PRO GIRL GANG. And seriously? Survivor? Most obviously the best message out there. We are all survivors in our own ways. Keep surviving y’all.

23. Meghan Trainor (1) : All About The Bass

You guys, Meghan Trainor just came out into the music scene and absolutely crushed the body posi movement. She is inspirational up there with the best of them. You TELL ‘em Meghan. This song came out during a season of my life I was starting to struggle with comparing myself to my friends. MY FRIENDS YOU GUYS! My friends who I LOVE and who love me. This song saved me, and for that I am forever grateful – thank u Meghan, ilu

24. Taylor Swift (7) : Holy Ground

YES Y’ALL, I SAID IT. TSWIFT IS ON THIS LIST. Not only is she on this list, but she is TIED for top number of songs ON the list. Don’t hate y’all. T is the ultimate depiction of lets not tear other women down. Are we really going to pretend that every other artist in the world hasn’t made bank off a break up song? So Tay is open about who her songs are about, so she makes her exes feel uncomfortable… okay???? How bout we teach some emotion regulation skills to people who don’t like feeling uncomfortable instead of bashing successful women? Good idea? Kk cool. 

25. Katy Perry (4) : Firework

Not cool to put Katy next to Tay…? I don’t know, I can never keep up with celebrity feuds. Katy Perry has never been my favorite human, not for any particular reason, her personality just never personally spoke to me. That being said, I am above my own personal preferences and can recognize good music and good messages when I hear them. You go Katy Perry, keep it up, sis.

26. Lauren Alaina (1) : Ladies In The ‘90s

Y’all, I don’t even KNOW who Lauren Alaina is, but man am I glad this song popped up as requested for this playlist. I have nothing else to say but I am a 90’s baby. I am quite vocal about my opinion that the technology spike in the early 2000’s has RUINED human’s ability to regulate emotions and create lasting connection etc. (okay, maybe ruined is a little dramatic, but you get it). This song spoke to me on a personal level due to my nostalgia for having lived in a time before all this technology (yes, I recognize I use technological platforms for my own personal and professional benefit, let’s not fight about it). 

27. Kelly Clarkson (5) : Since U Been Gone

First American Idol Winner? YUP. Gotta be on the list. Thank you Simon, Paula, Randy & America for giving this title to this most amazing woman. And she’s full circle on The Voice just killin’ it doin’ her thing. I don’t want to hear ANY of society’s fat shaming trash. Kelly is not only talented as hell, but is funny as hell too – Seriously, go watch her work.

28. JoJo (2) : Too Little Too Late

JoJo is my girl. Somebody call up my childhood bff and ask her how many times I made her watch this music video on REPEAT. Had I been heartbroken? No. Did I even know what she was talking about?? No. DID I CARE??? NO. JoJo has PIPES y’all, and for everybody who thought she disappeared after the 2000’s, go check out her album Mad Love – she ain’t gone y’all. Only time I EVER skipped a class in grad school was to drive my butt across the state to see her live in concert on a Wednesday night, and I would do it 10x over. 

And there you have it! Those are all the wonderful ladies on my girl crush. playlist. There are many inspirational women that I do not have on this list, only because I had to practice some sort of self-restraint. If I could add some honorary members to the list, they would hands down be Adele, Carrie Underwood & Rihanna. If you want the full 75 song list, send me an email; If you want to know a specific artists’ grouping, drop a comment. I’m more than happy to share to those who want the full list! 

ALSO, I want your additions! Comment below who you would add to this list and why! What is your favorite song of theirs? Music is a mood y’all, and I welcome new (and old!) jams for for allll my moods. Seriously, I need you guys.

Until next time y’all,


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